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Annalee Sants Draft Stopper
Annalee Sants Draft Stopper
Annalee Sants Draft Stopper

Price: $55.00
Item Code: al757804

Annalee Dolls - Annalee Santa Draft Stopper. 16" H x 36" W with weighted legs. Annalee dolls are made of felt and wire.

Many years ago, on a kitchen table in a quaint New England farmhouse, a simple idea came to life. A dollmaker had a vision – her dolls would reflect a happy innocence, and each doll would take on a life and personality of its own.

The doll maker was Annalee, and her vision and dolls spread across this great country as each doll was “adopted” by its new family. Annalee’s dolls were welcomed into homes newar and far, and they warmed the hearts of all who crossed their paths. Over the years, the dolls became woven into the traditions of each family, and for many new generations, they were the family’s traditions!

Annalee’s vision is more alive than ever in a host of inspired new doll creations. All the traditional favorites plus a few surprises! In keeping with tradition, each new doll possesses its own special personality, born in a dollmaker’s vision a long, long time ago.

Enjoy our new collection of Annalee dolls, each is unique and special! Because each doll is unique, dolls are subject to minor design and accessory variations.

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