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12 Tablets For Dogs & Cats 2-25 Lbs. QUICK CAPS Flea Killer Works in 30 Minutes. For Sale

12 Tablets For Dogs & Cats 2-25 Lbs. QUICK CAPS Flea Killer Works in 30 Minutes.
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NOTE TO EBAY: Product is readily available as a NON- PRESCRIPTION, OVER THE COUNTER, NON- CONTROLLED substance. 


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Small, Easy to administer Tablets



Flea Killer that works in 30min


Expiration 03/2021



 Flea Killer starts working in 30 minutes!


So gentle it can be given daily (once every 24 hours) to puppies, kittens, cats, and dogs, including pregnant or nursing dogs and cats.

will pass from your pet?s system within 24 hours of ingestion.

What makes this product so safe is that it does not build up in your pet?s system, as many over the counter products do.

If you are unsure if the first Tablet given was ingested, it is safe to administer a second Tablet.

Our Tablets are 100% kosher and Halal inspected, and BSE free.

Easy to administer Tablets are easily Crushed to mix with your pet?s favorite food, and small enough to be easily concealed within their favorite treats.

All Tablets are compounded daily to meet order demands.

Please see product packaging for specific Tablet administration information.

Always consult your veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment plans before using any over the counter products for your pets.

General Description

Used to kill adult flea infestations on your pet. It works very fast and begins acts on the adult fleas? nervous system within 30 minutes, killing them all within 4-6 hours. It is useful in the case of kenneling, showing, and traveling with pets, or to use in conjunction with a flea sterilant such as monthly. It does not act on immature fleas, eggs, or larvae, as they do not take a bloodmeal.

How It Works

Starts Working in 30 Minutes!!

After your cat or dog takes the Tablet, it is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. Once a flea takes a bloodmeal from your pet, they ingest enough of the drug to kill them.

Storage Information

Keep in a seal package at room temperature.

Missed Dose?


If you miss a dose, or are unsure a dose was given or swallowed, a second pill may be given safely.

Side Effects and Drug Reactions


may result in these side effects: Mild itchiness due to the dying fleas. Does not appear to react with any drugs.




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