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3pcs Toilet Seat Cover Rug Set Christmas Bathroom Home Decoration Xmas Santa For Sale

3pcs Toilet Seat Cover Rug Set Christmas Bathroom Home Decoration Xmas Santa
Current Bid: $ 5.99  

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Item Features:    Item Description:    Happy Santa bathroom set brings the happiness and joy of Christmas to your bathrooms. Its a great festive set to Decorate your toilet.    Toilet Tissue box cover extends to become a combination of the tank cover as well, which is designed as a hat    The toilet rug has an anti-slippery rubber back    Elastic Edges On The Covers For A Secure, snug fit    Item Specification:    Material: flannel    Dimensions:    Toilet Seat cover: about 43x35.5cm/16.92x 13.97"    Foot pad cover: about 57.5x55cm/22.6x21.6"    Radiator cap Size: about 38 x 20cm/14.96 x 7.87",    Colour: Red and White    Package Include:    1 x Toilet Seat Cover    1 x Foot Mat Set    1 x Water tank tissue cover

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