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8 SM Same Ingredient Equal To Capstar Flea Treatment Dog Cat BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! For Sale |
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8 SM Same Ingredient Equal To Capstar Flea Treatment Dog Cat BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! For Sale

8 SM Same Ingredient Equal To Capstar Flea Treatment Dog Cat BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!
Current Bid: $ 8.24  

 Capstar and Capaction Capsules/Tablets are TM of Elanco and are Over-The-Counter.  Capguard/Fastcaps are TM of Sergeant"s.  QuiskTabs are TM of Meridian Pet.  All use nitenpyram as active ingredient.  All OTC.

 BUY 2 orders GET 1 order FREE!

 'Buyer's note: Hi I have 3 rescues and these are great. One has seizures from all of the other products but this works great. I also did the buy 2 get one. Thank you. Sean  "

8 FLEACAPS capsules for SMALL dogs and cats with same active ingredient as Capstar, Capguard, Fastcap in the same concentrations.  Expiration 12/20. FLEACAPS is an oral capsule for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age and older.  

"These are amazing pills, killed the fleas so fast." Feedback 4/19/2019

Q) Is there any other ORAL flea treatment that kills in 1/2 hour other than nitenpyram, is OTC and approved by the FDA?

A) NO.  If there was a better active ingredient than nitenpyram, the large manufacturers, Veterinarians, and Walmart would sell products with it if there was.  We would use it too.  People can post what they want, but common sense begs to differ.  Included in our pictures is the FDA directions for Nitenpyram.  Does any other product show the FDA and the Veterinarians Guide of label products?  


FLEACAPS contain 11.4 mg of nitenpyram, just like Capstar sold at Walmart. Nitenpyram kills adult fleas.  Approved by the FDA as shown.  NITENPYRAM IS THE ONLY APPROVED ORAL FLEA TREATMENT THAT IS OVER-THE-COUNTER.

Easy-to-dose begins working within 30 min lasts 24 hrs. Available over-the-counter Lasts 24 hrs. killing 99% of adult fleas on your pet. For oral use

"Best buy ever. Caring?services. Simple packaging. Purchase that mattered beyond" - I**l3555 Feedback 3/15  - 8LG  Equal To Capstar Flea Treatment -

No box, they come in pegboard item plastic pouch as they are sold in our store and sent directly from our store to you.  We like to say packages don't kill fleas, but these capsules will be the best flea treatment for the best price you will ever use if you use it as directed.

St. Francis Animal Rescue has sold OVER 12,000 ORDERS ON EBAY!  

We buy in wholesale bulk quantity for use at our Rescue and retail 'brick & mortar' store and sell here, just as we ship to you if you walked in our store.  Arkansas Lic. 71168380-SLS. FED. 42-1617448.  Arkansas sales tax included in purchase if applies.  Included in our pictures are screen shots of the Veterinarians Online Guide showing both Capstar tablets and Petcaps capsules.

"A customer for life, thank you" - Jan. 25

"Great item. Just as described. Fast shipping. 5 STARS!!!" - Jan 24

"Thank you! Perfect description and will be buying again." - Jan.24

Our main focus for our Animal Rescue Store is helping those of limited income help care for the health of their pets by providing over-the-counter health welfare products and spay/neuter vouchers at a low cost discount program.  Your purchase helps us with this goal.  

We thank you.

Kristie - Volunteer

St. Francis Animal Rescue - A Universal Sanctuary For God's Creatures

FEEDBACK RESPONSE TO NEUTRAL: We had a sweet elder lady with many cats and a very flea infested home purchase two orders of 8 and one free order of 8 and expect one dose per cat to cure an extreme flea epidemic. It didn't work of course.  We have almost 200 people comment how well it works.  Bless her heart we want to help her and would but she won't return our calls or messages.  Please message us if your flea management program is not working.  We are experts.  We had a very nice lady say "didn't work at all".  We messaged her and she wrote "I have tried everything and nothing has worked".  Our heart goes out, we asked to help her.  She does not remember leaving the neutral feedback.

We are currently trying to keep our sales up so we can use a PayPal loan and purchase another Rescue.  Our Rescue suffered extensive weather damage and we are on the move with our 'unadoptables'.  Your purchase helps us so much we thank you so!



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