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Bethany Lowe Valentine's Day Retro Bottle Brush Tree with Ornaments XOXO Hearts For Sale

Bethany Lowe Valentine's Day Retro Bottle Brush Tree with Ornaments XOXO Hearts
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  Bethany Lowe Valentine's Day Retro Bottle Brush Tree with Ornaments XOXO Hearts       DESCRIPTION OUR AUCTION DETAILS

** Bethany Lowe ** Valentine's Day Collection ** Bottle Brush Tree with Hearts and Ornaments ** Pink, Red, White and Silver Colors ** Measures 13" tall The designer of this unique Valentine?s tree gets an A+ for creativity. The tree is made of pink bottle brushes and the spaces between the brushes are filled with red, pink and white shiny balls. But that?s not all! This 13-inch tall tabletop tree is filled with kisses and hugs because there are little white ornaments with an XOXO pattern in red spread around the tree. This Valentine tree would make an excellent gift too!


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