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Steinbach Nutcracker - Mad Hatter (858) SIGNED by Christian Steinbach For Sale |
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Steinbach Nutcracker - Mad Hatter (858) SIGNED by Christian Steinbach For Sale

Steinbach Nutcracker - Mad Hatter (858) SIGNED by Christian Steinbach
Current Bid: $ 125.00  

The Mad Hatter is one of the most charming and whimsical members of the Mad Tea Party! Later he also appears as a witness during the trial and occasionally becomes quite rude, which provokes Alice during the Tea Party. When he is called upon by the Queen, he is very nervous and frightened. The Hatter is a complex figure from this treasured story. And, although everybody calls him ?the Mad Hatter?, Lewis Carroll never actually called him that in the story. He just referred to him as ?the Hatter?. The sign on his hat indicates that he sells his goods from his "hat", the self-made hats come directly from his head.

Some Steinbach nutcrackers are created as limited editions, adding greatly to their value over time. Additionally, Christian Steinbach would autograph a limited number of nutcrackers (as this one). His daughter Karla also signed Steinbach nutcrackers and those signed by Herr himself can sometimes command premium prices.

About Steinbach

The history of the Steinbach Nutcracker family dates back to the 13th Century with Erwin Steinbach, a famous architect and master builder who lived in Strasburg, Germany. As this was a tumultuous time in Germany, the Steinbach family was forced to move many times and eventually settled in Erzgebirge, Germany and worked as silver, iron, tin and nickel miners. For most of two centuries and through seven generations, the Steinbach Family has been working, planting and harvesting the finest wood from beautiful old, strong trees in the forests of Germany. The Erzgebirge region of Germany has for many years, produced some of the most cherished wooden products available in the world.  The Steinbachs are masters of this craft.  Herr Steinbach's daughter, Karla Steinbach was born on November 23, 1957 and in 1990, took over as General Manager of the company.

Steinbach's high standards and resourcefulness are what have helped make these Nutcrackers world famous. The subjects of the Steinbach Nutcrackers are also unique and are taken from art, literature and folklore from all over the world and along with their limited production makes them highly collectible.

Today, Rico Paul is the owner of the Steinbach Company and continues to offer these beautiful hand-carved and hand-painted creations that become a cherished holiday decorations for many years to come - whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend or loved one.

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