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Wireless remote electric igniter Fireworks firing system copper wire radio fire For Sale

Wireless remote electric igniter Fireworks firing system copper wire radio fire
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Product Description

This is the Fireworks firing system


Using steps as following:

1 Put the battery inside of the machine, turn on the power switch, the light of each channel will be bright, it means the battery is normal.

2 Press the button of the remote, the indicate light extinguish, it means this channel is normal and can be controlled by this remote.

3. Turn off the power and connecting the  with the ,then turn on the power, the cue light will be more bright, it means connecting is normal.

4.Make sure the butto of the remote not be passed (if the remote has on/off switch, you can turn off it at first,)far away the  at least 150M, use the remote to .

Setting the control number by remote(do not connect the products)with the little stick to press the button of electrical board, when the light(yellow) of the electrical board flashing, relax the stick first the press A of the remote, the indicate light both of Channel A and study button, the press from A to D, the receiver from A to D extinguish, setting control number succeed.



1 Please do not shake incept box violently. When no need use it.

2. When you connect the product well, do not touch the clip of the  in order to not  the because of the .

3 Please take the cell out when no use products, for prevent defile incept box.

4 Please do not place the product in the damp, sour, alkali and pollution environment.5 The remote  by the rolling controlled number, with this remote, the receive will not be controlled by other remote in 1 million, but also maybe appear, when connecting the  make sure your body far away the exit of the  after connecting, far away the  and take care yourself.

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