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Fontanini 5" Village Series / Perfume Kiosk Set #55512 Complete in Original Box For Sale

Fontanini 5
Current Bid: $ 35.55  

Fontanini - Here for bid is a Fontanini set for the 5" Village Series.  It is the perfume kiosk and set is complete.  It is in good condition.  The only thing I see wrong are the 2 back tent poles, they were loose when I took it out of the box.  They did slip right back in, don't know whether they were glued or just set in the holes to begin with.  I'm sure you could take them back out, put a little Elmer's on them, and glue them in permanently.  The blue tablecloth may be a bit faded, I can't tell whether it is or if it is the original color.  The original box reads, Fontanini, Perfume Kiosk Set, for the 5" Fontanini Village, #55512, contains kiosk, stove, stool, table and 2 trays scaled for 5" figures, figure sold separately, copyright 1999, exclusively by Roman Inc.  It is rather heavy, box weighs over 3 lbs.  Shipping quote is for usps retail ground.  Although it is a little fragile, I think it will be ok shipped via ground, and hopefully much cheaper than priority.  Box is rough, lot of wear.  

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