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2 Annalee Dolls - 7"&5" Pink Maids - Top shape collectibles w/tags - GONE SOON! For Sale

2 Annalee Dolls - 7
Current Bid: $ 14.50  

Here's two Annalee ladies in pink we're sure you'd like to meet.These priceless little people/critters were once staple seasonal decorations, and they remain extremely popular among current collectors to this day. Every one energetically celebrates some aspect of life at its very best. Annalee dolls are felt-bodied dolls sewn around a bendable wire frame. Their painted faces recall the visage of their New Hampshire creator, the late Annalee Thorndike. All Annalee family members in this wonderfully expressive collection take on various personas, occupations and hobbies, with each creation radiating character and whimsy sure to bring smiles to your home.The dolls for sale as part of these Ebay offerings are drawn from a very large estate collection and were meticulously maintained by their former owner.  Most bear or come with their original manufacturer's label and retail tag, but we're looking to place them in new homes for WAY below the original asking prices.  Each comes sealed in a plastic wrap bag for protection.We do have day jobs, but expedite shipments to the fullest extent possible.  Combined, discount shipping is available on multiple purchases.If you'd like to receive notifications about upcoming listings and auctions, particularly around major holidays, follow us on Ebay.

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