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New USB Powered Computer TV Backlight Kit RGB Colour Change 5050 LED Light Strip For Sale

New USB Powered Computer TV Backlight Kit RGB Colour Change 5050 LED Light Strip
Current Bid: $ 8.58  

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Rechargeable 3D Printing Moon Night Light Touch Control LED Table Lamp Kids Baby

$ 11.67

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New Duplex Plug Cover LED Night Light Sensor Wall Outlet Face Hallway Coverplate

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New USB Powered Computer TV Backlight Kit RGB Colour Change 5050 LED Light Strip

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15cm 3D Moon Night Light Home Decor Table Desk Touch Sensor Lamp USB Charging

$ 25.99 Hot Sale Big PromotionAuction Our Promise Picture Display YOU MAY LIKE Rechargeable 3D Printing Moon Night Light Touch Control LED Table Lamp Kids Baby1080P Wifi Wireless Light Bulb Hidden Camera 360 Panoramic Home Security VideoNew BroadLink RM Mini 3 IR Control Hub Smart Home WiFi Universal Remote Control Note

1.      Cut the side with USB to the length you need. The other side will be useless;

2.      The arrow on the LED CONTROLLER should face the arrow on the interface of the light strip;

3.      Please pull out the insulation sheet on the bottom of the remote control;

4.      The remote control should be pointed to the LED CONTROLLER to function;

5.      Do not peel off the adhesive sticker with the yellow tape together;

6.      Please allow deviation (1-3 mm) due to manual measurement;



-Alleviate Eye Strain: It raises the brightness level of the room, and you don’t have to turn on lamps or lights, which gives your eyes a break and causes no eye fatigue.

-Remote Control: Operated by a remote control to change the LED lights of the TV background.

-16 LED Colors & 4 Modes: Multiple lighting colors to choose from. You can simply set it red, green, blue, white (see 16 colors in the following table, listed as “Static xx”) or make it flash, strobe, fade and smooth. Just enjoy the visual feast.

-USB Powered: Attach the TV lighting bar to any device that has a USB interface. Computer, power bank, USB socket or USB connector, either of them fits great.

-Customized Design: It can be cut with scissors on the cutting line to fit the desired size of your TV. Flexible led strip lights shine as you paste them on the TV background, exhibition, bike, toy cars, UAV, stage, advertising column, outdoor activities, DIY clothing, night market lighting, camping lamp belt or computer case lamp bar.

-Safe & Durable: The RGB tape’s bulb and circuit are completely coated in flexible plastic and not easy to wear.



-Light Types: 16 Changing LED

-Modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth

-Circuit Board Material: Copper

-Number of LED Lights: 30 / M

-Remote Control: Yes

-Light Adjustable: Yes

-Interface Type: USB

-Ingress Protection Level: IP65

-Power: 7.2 W

-USB Input / Output Voltage: DC 5V

-Working Time: 50,000 Hours

-Product Length: 39.4 IN / 1 M

-USB Cable Length: 37.9 IN / 96 CM

-Product Diameter: 0.39 IN / 1 CM


Package List:

1 x TV Backlight Kit (1 M)

1 x Remote Control

1 x USB Power Supply Cable

1 x Operation Instructions of Controller


Function of each button as the table shows below:


Brightness + (Speed Up)

Brightness – (Speed Down)



Static Red

Static green

Static blue

Static white

Static orange

Static pea green

Static dark blue

7 color jumpy change

Static dark yellow

Static cyan

Static brown

All fade out & fade in

Static yellow

Static light blue

Static pink

7 color fade change

Static straw yellow

Static sky blue

Static purple

3 base color jumpy


?. Brightness + means enhancing the brightness for “Static xx” Buttons while speeding up the changing colors for 4 modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth;

?. Brightness –, see as above, vice versa;

?. 3 base colors: Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B).

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