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Possible Dreams Santa - Away In The Manger - Clothtique - with Tags - 7 1/2 By 8 For Sale

Possible Dreams Santa - Away In The Manger - Clothtique - with Tags - 7 1/2 By 8
Current Bid: $ 20.00  

                Possible Dreams Santa - Away In The Manger - Clothtique - with Tags - 7 1/2 By 8 a.imagelink {color:#333333;} a:hover.imagelink {color:#333333;} a:visited.imagelink {color:#666666;} a.imagelink img.auctionimage { border: 2px solid #333333; } a:visited.imagelink img.auctionimage { border: 2px solid #666666; } Description My treasures have been used, and are in used condition   Possible Dreams Santa - Away In The Manger - Clothtique - with Tags - 7 1/2 By 8"   This is a collectable Santa  Has tags Possible Dreams Clothique Santasantas by Department 56 are the number one Santa Claus collectible in the US. Made of the finest materials and Clothtique, a stiffened fabric, every Santa is hand-painted making each one a unique one of a kind creation that comes to life with it?s own joyful personality. The Possible Dreams collection offers a wide selection of Santas, ranging from traditional, to Santa playing with his pets, to Santa relaxing on the beach, and more.   There is a music box on the bottom that plays Away in the manger The sticker on the bottom reads  Dated 2001 Made in China It also has a metal tag hanging from arm That reads  Possible Dreams  Clothique The size is 7 1/2" by 8"   There are no breaks or repairs     Buyer to pay 1 pounds shippingI will happily combine shipping whenever possible.    ** Your shipping total includes a delivery confirmation! **   If your HAPPY, LET EBAY KNOW, IF your not, LET US KNOW   Be sure to add me to your favorites list!   PLEASE REMEMBER TO PRAY FOR OUR TROOP                   /* Colors */ #wrapper { background: #fff; } .acttbl { color: #000; } #wrapper #title, #wrapper .section h2, #wrapper .section_desc h2, #content a { color: #559e4b; } /* -- */ #wrapper { padding: 0 50px; width: 100%; } #mainTable { margin: 50px auto; width: 830px; } #wrapper .acttbl, #wrapper .section, #wrapper .section_desc, #wrapper .section p, #wrapper h1, #wrapper h2 { font-family: Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif; } #tileLeft, #content_tileLeft, #footer_tileLeft { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/tileLeft.jpg") repeat-y; } #tileRight, #content_tileRight, #footer_tileRight { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/tileRight.jpg") right top repeat-y; } #tileCapLeft, #tileCapRight, #footer_tileCapLeft, #footer_tileCapRight { width: 50%; } #tileCapLeft { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/stretchLeft.jpg") repeat-x; } #tileCapRight { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/stretchRight.jpg") repeat-x; text-align: right; } #tileCapLeft div { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/wingLeft.jpg") right top no-repeat; } #tileCapRight div { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/wingRight.jpg") no-repeat; } #content_tileRight { padding: 2em 0; } #footer_tileCapLeft { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/footer_stretchLeft.jpg") left bottom repeat-x; } #footer_tileCapRight { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/footer_stretchRight.jpg") left bottom repeat-x; text-align: right; } #footer_tileCapLeft div { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/footer_wingLeft.jpg") right top no-repeat; } #footer_tileCapRight div { background: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/footer_wingRight.jpg") no-repeat; } #title { font-size: 30px; font-weight: normal; font-variant: small-caps; line-height: 1.2em; margin: 45px auto 0; text-align: center; width: 67%; } .section, .section_desc { margin: 30px auto; padding: 0; width: 500px; text-align: left; } .section h2, .section_desc h2 { font-size: 24px; font-weight: normal; text-align: center; } .section p { margin: 10px 2px; padding: 0; } .section_desc { display: block; margin: 10px auto 0; padding: 0; width: 496px; } #aucimgcaption .section_desc { display: inline; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: auto; text-align: center; } #mainTable div.images .section { border: none; /* If images are grouped as thumbnails */ } a img, a.imagelink img.auctionimage, #wrapper #mainTable a.imagelink img.auctionimage { border: none; } #wrapper #mainTable #content .slideshow .nav .prev { background-image: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/slideshow_prev.gif"); } #wrapper #mainTable #content .slideshow .nav .stop { background-image: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/slideshow_stop.gif"); } #wrapper #mainTable #content .slideshow .nav .play { background-image: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/slideshow_play.gif"); } #wrapper #mainTable #content .slideshow .nav .next { background-image: url("https://ti2.auctiva.com/tia/105E5A/curlymint/slideshow_next.gif"); } a:active, a:focus { outline: 0; } Images sell!Get Supersized Images & Free Image HostingCreate your brand with Auctiva'sCustomizable Templates.

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