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The San Francisco Music Box Co MUSIC BOX Hand Made in Italy Jewelry Box Roses For Sale

The San Francisco Music Box Co MUSIC BOX Hand Made in Italy Jewelry Box Roses
Current Bid: $ 28.00  

The San Francisco Music Box Company- Wood box with flower inlay. Made in Italy - , Purple with yellow, orange, green, tan, brown design. The main color of the Box is purple with natural wood markings that show through. Lavender velvet liner on the inside. Approx. Size- 6" X 4." X 2.5" tall. Song it plays,  See video belowPlease note see all photos and ask any questions if you have any doubt about this listing I try very hard to be accurate in the descriptions of all items. But I?m only human, and if any thing slip past my notice please let me know or if you have any questions message with any questions prior to bidding or buying.Please review all shipping options and cost and they do vary from carrier to carrier.

The San Francisco Music Box Company music box jewelry box inlaid flowers

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