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Wholesale Lot 400 DVD's Movies Horror TV Show Suspense Thriller Comedy Kids Disc For Sale

Wholesale Lot 400 DVD's Movies Horror TV Show Suspense Thriller Comedy Kids Disc
Current Bid: $ 135.79  

You are looking at a wholesale lot of 400 individual DVDs without cases.  These are random loose DVD's with all genres included; there are Movies, TV Shows and Animation.   The lot will be shrink wrapped and bubble wrapped for delivery via USPS Priority Mail. *THE PICTURE IS JUST AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE, ALL LOTS ARE RANDOM.  Here are some frequently asked questions, let us know if you need more information: Can you tell me what movies are included? No, we sell tens of thousands of loose DVDs and we do not have an inventory of any of the lots. How are they packaged for shipment and how are they shipped? DVDs are secured in shrinkwrap and tightly bubble wrapped. We ship using insured USPS Priority Mail within one business day of your order. Are the DVDs duplicates, counterfeit, thin-style or odd titles?  DVDs are from personal customer collections and we screen out any counterfeit, thin style and/or duplicates.  These are not close-outs, multiples or picked over lots, they are raw unsorted DVDs. We are a dealer and would like to buy multiple quantities, are there dealer discounts?  Most of our buyers are dealers and pricing is based on dealer rates, you can buy as many lots as you want though.  Have all the DVDs been cleaned and/or tested?  No, we simply consolidate 400 loose DVDs, we do not test or clean any of the DVDs *(some may need cleaning).  We do sort out damaged or overly scratched DVDs. Where do you get your supply?  We are setup with a company that screens out loose DVDs from donations of personal collections and sell them off in bulk; they are not picked over or separated.  Thanks for looking!

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