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Christopher Radko Pep O Mint Gator Ornament
Christopher Radko Pep O Mint Gator Ornament
Christopher Radko Pep O Mint Gator Ornament

Price: $65.00
Sale: $16.25
Mfr. #: 1014040
Item Code: cr1014040
Dimensions: 5.25"
Availability: No Longer In Stock

Pep O Mint Gator Christmas Ornament by Christopher Radko. Handmade in Poland. Each Christopher Radko ornament design is crafted by hand using centuries-old processes that require seven days to complete. Cottage workshops in four countries: Poland, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic produce the ornaments, finials and garlands that are a part of Christopher Radko's collection. More than 3,000 craftspeople skilled in glassblowing, carving, mold making and hand-painting contribute their talents to Christopher Radko designs. Click here to see how Christopher Radko ornaments are made.

The Radko name represents the finest holiday decorations and home accents for every season and special occasion. Each design in Radko's ornament collection requires a full seven days to create. Crafted from mouth-blown tempered glass, lined with sterling silver, and lovingly hand-painted with brilliant jewel-tone accents, a Radko ornament creates an instant "keepsake connection" among the friends and families who give and receive them. Share, Celebrate, Collect! These "works of heart" need to be carefully maintained to ensure their lasting beauty. See our recommended care and storage tips.

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